Recommended Tools for a Homeowner

As a Home Inspector in Cleveland, Ohio, I run across a lot of first time home buyers. At the end of the Home Inspection, I usually get asked many of the same questions. One of the most commonly as questions I get is..”what tools should I buy?”. Well, that can be a tough question because I typically do not know the persons skill level. My answer could be…get a Screwdriver & a Hammer…or a Drill press & a Bandsaw. I have met people that have never turned a Screwdriver & some people that can simply amaze me with just a Hammer & Chisel.

Below you will find what I think every homeowner should own. I will also have a link to the product at Home Depot. I am a big tool guy & after many many hundreds of hours of researching & comparing prices & quality, I believe The Home Depot has the best price & quality tools


Screwdriver Set with Magnetic Tips (18-Piece)
This is a great Screwdriver Set that you will be able to use for many many years. Kit offers every size you will ever need. Trust me, as a homeowner, you will be happy that you have different sizes & styles. Plus, it has magnetic tips, which makes things much easier. Additionally, the kit even includes a wall mountable rack for easy storage & accessibility. This is a must have, especially for the low price.

Excellent Hammer that will last you a lifetime. These hammers are light to drive nails faster & forged in 1-piece out of fine tool steel for long life & dependability. Comes with a patented Estwing Shock Reduction Grip. The grip reduces vibration up to 70% & is bonded on & will not come off like others do.

Plier Set with Storage Pouch (6-Piece)
This 6-Piece Utility Set features 6 different utility pliers for various uses at home or on the go. It has non-slip ergonomic handles for a secure comfortable grip. Chrome plated finish provides durability & protection from abrasion & corrosion. Plus, includes a storage pouch.

Locking Plier Set (5-Piece)
Crescent is one of the best names in the industry. This set includes 5 separate tools. Each has a tough nickel-plated finish for maximum resistance to rust and corrosion. These will last you a lifetime because they are extremely durable & have a lifetime warranty.

Whether you are hanging a picture on the wall or building a project in the garage, If you don’t make it level, your work will look poor & you will struggle to make things fit together. I’d recommend, a small level, such as The DEWALT 9 in. Torpedo Level & (Bonus Stud Sensor Combo) which allows 3 different ways to find level & a Magnetic edge that offers hands-free usage on metal surfaces. Additionally, a Dewalt 24″ I-beam level, which is Perfect for medium sized projects.

Tool Box
You’ll need a place to hold all of your new tools. When purchasing a Tool Box, be sure to remember that you’ll want to buy one that will be big enough for all of your current tools, but all of your future tools. This Dewalt Tool box will be perfect for you.

Tape Measure
Take the guesswork out of trying to figure out your measurement with this 16′ Quick-read Measuring tape. Lufkin is one of the leaders in the industry.