Pre-Listing Inspection

As a home seller, should you hire a Home Inspector for a Pre-Listing Home Inspection?

What is a Pre-Listing Home Inspection?

A Pre-Listing Home Inspection is when the seller has their own Home Inspector scrutinize the property for problems before it’s even listed.

Most Home Buyers know hiring a Imagine Home Inspector to inspect a property before the mortgage closing is a good idea. In fact, a home inspection is often a requirement for a mortgage. A Certified Home Inspector evaluates about 1,200 items that make up the property’s foundation, roof, structure, electrical, plumbing, HVAC systems, and general condition. The purpose is to uncover hidden and potentially expensive problems that could affect the value of the home.

The trickier question is this… should Home Sellers also hire a home inspector to conduct a Pre-Listing Home Inspection?

Below is why you should.

  • Fewer surprises – For buyers, the results of a home inspection contingency in a sales contract can empower them to request repairs, reopen price negotiations, or abandon the deal without forfeiting their earnest money.
  • Peace of mind for the home seller such as identifying problems, or lack thereof, can soften the suspense of waiting to hear back from the buyer’s home inspector about possibly pricey repairs that might be deemed necessary.
  • Gives the seller time to fix issues on their schedule, not the buyers – If one is being rushed to get repairs done because the buyer wants to close on the mortgage or needs to move in by a certain date, most sellers will hire the first contractor they can find available, make a rash decision, and perhaps over-pay for poor workmanship.
  • Present buyers with a clean bill of health on the property and can truly provide full disclosure to their potential buyers.
  • Present a strong first impression to buyers who may see your house in a more positive light and boost their offer.
  • Options – Sellers can choose who they want to perform the inspection and assist in providing details of equipment maintenance, supply dates of improvements and explanations for current conditions.
  • Accurate pricing – A pre-listing home inspection helps your real estate agent set the  price expectation and can be used to substantiate a higher asking price.
  • No surprises – Agents will have fewer issues to negotiate at the 11th hour, and buyers may even waive their home inspection.
  • Full disclosure – Buyers benefit by receiving a third-party review of the home’s condition before making an offer which can assist in procuring financing.
  • Stress relief – The inspection can remove any doubt the buyer might have regarding any initial concerns and may also reduce the stress associated with purchasing a home.
Who should get a Pre-Listing Home Inspection?

Any homeowner that plans on selling their home within the next 6 months. This will ensure plenty of time to fix-up the home prior to listing.

The importance of having a Pre-Listing/Home Inspection as part of the home sales process cannot be understated. It protects all parties involved by providing invaluable information so educated decisions can be made.

Selling your home can be stressful time and Imagine Home Inspections would like to take some of the stress away and help you sell your house quicker for the most value.

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